Legal Articles


Legal Articles

Apostille Certificates and Travelling Abroad

In the early 1950s, the Council of Europe addressed the need to standardise the legalisation process to certify public documents required by destination countries to confirm the legitimacy of public documents presented to them when a traveller or business wished to transact or relocate for a short or permanent stay.

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Domestic Partnerships aren't legal without a Cohabitation Agreement

In the past, a life partnership was only acknowledged as either being married or not.

Today however, a long-term relationship can include marriage or simply cohabiting – each having their own merits, challenges, and dynamics.

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The Process of Replacing a Lost Title Deed in South Africa

The process of replacing a lost title deed is governed by regulation 68 of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937.

This regulation was put into place in order to circumvent any fraudulent activities related to issuing a copy of a title deed.

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Deed of Transfer South Africa - Everything You Need to Know

The deed of transfer South Africa has several aspects to it which must be known by any person who wishes to sell or purchase property.

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The Deeds Registries Act Summary and Regulations

The Deeds Registries Act serves to regulate the functions and laws related to title deed transfer as well as the successful registration of title deeds in South Africa.

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The Consumer Protection Act and Real Estate

The Consumer Protection Act aims to promote fair, open and ethical business practice. It addresses all aspects necessary to protect the consumer from business transactions that take place. It applies to all industries and business to consumer trades, including real estate.

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Consumer Protection Act and the Sale of Property

The Consumer Protection Act Number 68 of 2008, dictates every transaction as defined by the act between a consumer and supplier who promotes and sells services or goods to generate an income in South Africa.

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Commission for Unregistered Estate Agents

Previously, there was a court case which made rulings related to the payment of commission to unregistered estate agents who concluded a sale of property on behalf of the estate agency.

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The Consumer Protection Act and Estate Agent Mandates

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) became effective on the 1st of April 2011 and made provisions for the requirements that should be met in an estate agent mandate agreement.

Overall, the CPA serves to promote fair, transparent and ethical business practice so as to protect the consumer from unlawful conduct.

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How a Voetstoots Clause Protects a Buyer from Unapproved Building Plans

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether unapproved building plans for a carport or outbuilding would constitute a latent building defect.

Additionally, there have been questions raised regarding whether or not the voetstoots clause protects the seller against physical defects only.

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