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Court ruled that suspensive condition was unfulfilled

Murphy and another v Durie 2006 JOL 18301 (C): The main question was whether or not the suspensive condition relating to the bond had been fulfilled. 

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Court approves rectification of property sale agreement

Rectification serves as a remedy for parties whose written agreement does not reflect their common intention at the time the agreement was concluded. 

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The various changes to community schemes

The CSOSA brought into effect a new process for resolving community disputes. For those who have worked in any community will know how easily they arise, and how bitter they can be. 

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The laws regarding the validity of foreign marriages

The Matrimonial Property Act, 88 of 1984, does not apply to foreign marriages concluded in South Africa.

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Loan granted for less than required amount - What now?

What happens when the purchaser is granted a loan for less than the amount required in terms of the sale agreement?

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Amendments to a bond clause - Critical considerations

Due to the passing of the National Credit Act, the amendments to a bond clause have become a hot topic of discussion.

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Unapproved building plans severely affect your property

When a house or a structure is built on immovable property the law requires the plans to be drawn up in a particular manner and approved by the relevant Local Authority with jurisdiction.

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Our Conveyancing Attorneys Simplify the Property Transfer Process

The parties involved in the property transfer process include the seller, the buyer, the transferring or conveyancing attorney’s, the bond attorney and the bond originator.

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Caution for non-compliant contractors working with Asbestos

Asbestos has been used commercially for many years because of its desirable properties in the building industry. 

However, due to many non-compliant contractors who are endangering the health of workers and clients, this material has come under intense scrutiny. 

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Do low-commission agents and agencies really save you money?

Appointing a low-commission real estate agent or a discount agent to sell your property could spell disaster for those wishing to save money.

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