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Property Sector reopening under COVID-19 Lockdown Level 3?

It should not be the choice of either the public health or the state of the economy. It is a necessity to safeguard both. Fabricius J

It is imperative that preservation of the economy is of major importance in South Africa's COVID-19 strategy. 

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Sectional Title Levy Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic

Owners of homes in sectional title schemes may be seeking sectional title levy relief to help them cope financially during these difficult times, considering they are still liable to pay home loans and other personal debt commitments.

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Expected Changes in Marriage Laws in South Africa

The introduction of changes to marriage laws in South Africa can be expected as The Department of Home Affairs is developing new policies which are built on the foundation of the constitution.

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Executing a Will During Lockdown in South Africa – Is it Possible?

Many South Africans are wondering if executing a will during lockdown is possible and, if so, how can it be done while meeting all the legal requirements? Here are some tips on executing a will during lockdown.

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Transfer Duty in South Africa – What You can Expect to Pay

When it comes to transfer duty in South Africa, it’s important for to understand what one can expect to pay when purchasing property in South Africa as well as what the difference is between transfer duty and transfer costs.

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Lockdown Level 4 in South Africa – Who can Return to Business as Usual?

Although we have officially kickstarted lockdown level 4 in South Africa, there is still major confusion around which industries are permitted to begin their phased return to normal operations.

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Wills and Estates in South Africa - Frequently Asked Questions

With their primary audience being executives and investors, we were honoured to be approached by one of Finweek's business journalists to answer frequently asked questions related to wills and estates in South Africa.

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COVID-19 Business Loans in South Africa and How They will Work

Struggling businesses can now apply for COVID-19 business loans in South Africa, according to the Treasury. However, it’s extremely important for the details of this loan scheme to made clear to all business owners who are thinking of applying.

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Level 4 Lockdown Regulations in South Africa – What to Expect

On the evening of the 23rd of April, President Ramaphosa announced the phased lifting of lockdown regulations in South Africa starting from 1 May 2020. However, strict measures and restrictions are still in place and should be adhered to.

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Signing an Offer to Purchase – What You Need to Know Before Diving In

Buying a property can be a very exciting milestone. However, this is a legally binding contract and should be treated with thought and caution.

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