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Labour Laws Amendment Act – The Next Step For Employers

South Africa’s Labour and/or Employment regulation landscape is on an advancement path, if anything about the Labour Laws Amendment Act 10 of 2018 (LLAA) is to go by.

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Is An Antenuptial Agreement Anti-Nuptial?

With bliss, anticipation and love abound, it is almost uncomfortable for a couple that is about to get married to discuss the possible dynamics around which the marriage may likely end. It is indeed an uncomfortable discussion, but one that is necessary and in best interest if looked at from the right perspective. We all wish for good things, but good things sometimes do not last.

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How Do Companies Maneuver The Cybercrimes Act & POPI Act

The importance of having an Information Officer in a company has never become so necessary than in the past year or so in South Africa. This period saw the coming into operation of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) and assenting to of the Cybercrimes Act 19 of 2020 by the President.

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How Accrual In Matrimonial Property Is Calculated

South African matrimonial property regulation recognises three distinct regimes being the marriage in Community of Property, Out of Community of Property with the Accrual system and the Out of Community of Property without the Accrual system.

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Deciphering The New Cybercrimes Act 19 Of 2020

There is no doubt that the use of the internet and its technology is growing rapidly in even the most remote parts of the world. With benefits of these advances clear for all to see, so are the challenges and risks that comes with it.

The internet space is not the safest of places - if ever it was.

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An Antenuptial Contract That Never Was – And Why It Wasn't

After the reading of a Will, it's often not surprising when there are often issues that arise. Not only because the Will is not clear, but family members often feel that they were not looked after and one got more than the other etc.

Such disputes sometimes end up in Court, where members challenge the Will or its validity at all costs, hoping that should the estate be administered and distributed according to the rules of Intestate Succession, they stand to gain more.

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The Intricancies of Child Custody in South Africa

Many people have come across or at least know homes headed by a single parent. Some amongst us were raised in such homes.

While most may believe that the ideal situation would a family home where both parents are present - side by side taking care of the family, there are several life challenges which often result in this not being realised.

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The 8 in Section 8 – Acts of Insolvency

When an entity cannot pay the debts they owe as and when they become due, or where their liabilities exceed their assets, such party is considered insolvent in South African law.

In the latter case this effectively means, even if the party were to liquidate all their assets to settle liabilities, it would still not be enough.

Declaration of insolvency status is done by the Courts.

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Sick Leave and COVID-19 – A Guide For Employers

It has taken a lot of regulatory intervention to help contain the effects of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the labour market. This is because at no point in recent times has there been a single phenomenon that has simultaneously crippled economic activity throughout the world. Additionally, what has exacerbated the situation is the virus has affected anyone and everyone; even those who have not been infected have been affected by its negative effects.

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