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Property Sector reopening under COVID-19 Lockdown Level 3?

It should not be the choice of either the public health or the state of the economy. It is a necessity to safeguard both. Fabricius J

It is imperative that preservation of the economy is of major importance in South Africa's COVID-19 strategy. 

Appointing a Managing Agent – Important considerations

When given the task of choosing a new managing agent for a sectional title complex, this should not be a decision made with the intention of cutting costs.

When can a seller not rely on the voetstoots clause?

Buyers are clearly at risk when purchasing a property under the voetstoots clause

The various changes to community schemes

The CSOSA brought into effect a new process for resolving community disputes. For those who have worked in any community will know how easily they arise, and how bitter they can be. 

What happens when your neighbour builds over the boundary line?

Your new neighbour has extended his property right onto your boundary in clear violation of the relevant town planning legislation. You feel aggrieved, as it affects your privacy and the value of your property. What do you do in this situation?


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