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How Blacklisting Affects Businesses and Individuals in South Africa

In the context of South African law, blacklisting is a notation on an individual's or company's credit report that indicates a history of non-payment or defaulting on debt. This mark can severely impact a person's or entity's ability to borrow money, obtain contracts, or even secure employment.

Debt Review - Lockdown Days are not Counted as Business Days

Debt review works on a timeline that guides consumers, credit providers and attorneys as well as debt counsellors. However, when the 21-day lockdown was announced, the question arose as to whether the days spent in lockdown will count as normal working days or not?

Your Installment Sale Agreement and The Alienation of Land Act

In certain circumstances, potential sellers and/or purchasers may make use of the installment sale agreement method to buy or sell immovable property in South Africa.

The setting aside of proof of income for granting credit

The ruling held that a proof of income won’t be needed by consumers in order to apply for credit.

Amendments to a bond clause - Critical considerations

Due to the passing of the National Credit Act, the amendments to a bond clause have become a hot topic of discussion.


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