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How Accrual In Matrimonial Property Is Calculated

South African matrimonial property regulation recognises three distinct regimes being the marriage in Community of Property, Out of Community of Property with the Accrual system and the Out of Community of Property without the Accrual system.

An Antenuptial Contract That Never Was – And Why It Wasn't

After the reading of a Will, it's often not surprising when there are often issues that arise. Not only because the Will is not clear, but family members often feel that they were not looked after and one got more than the other etc.

Such disputes sometimes end up in Court, where members challenge the Will or its validity at all costs, hoping that should the estate be administered and distributed according to the rules of Intestate Succession, they stand to gain more.

The Benefits of an Antenuptial Contract

An antenuptial contract is an agreement entered into by two people, who intend on getting married, before the actual marriage takes place.

Should the couple fail to enter into a valid, notarised antenuptial contract before their marriage, they will, by default, be married in community of property.

Asset Accrual Calculation – Accrual System on Divorce

Accrual is defined as the accumulation or increase of something over time. When referring to marriage out of community of property with accrual, we refer to a type of contract entered into by the couple before solemnising their marriage.


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