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Do you need building plans for minor building works?

If not defined as minor building work, then any construction work you do on your property will need to have plans. 

Building Plans

If it is minor building work that is being done then you will need to have been pre-approved by a building control officer at the relevant local authority. 

Ultimately, the laws with regards to the terms of complying with regulations are clear. 

You will also require permission from a local authority if you are erecting short-term structures. Temporary structures include builders’ sheds, toilets, as well as, any other building that is erected for temporary use during a building project. 

In order to gain approval for erecting a temporary structure, you will need to inform the local authority of what you intend to use it for as well as how long it will be erected for. 

They will also need to know the details of where it will be placed. Finally they will need to know of the availability of the necessary materials required for it to be constructed. 

According to the law, minor building works are defined in a number of ways. This includes erecting a poultry house or chicken coup. 

It can also include a wood or coal shed, a tool shed, a childrens playhouse, cycle sheds, greenhouses, replacing a roof using the same or similar materials, converting a door into a window. 

Other such works may also be considered minor building works if the local authority believe that plans are not necessary for construction to be completed. However, this will be up to the building control officer.

People hoping to start a building project are often faced with questions relating to when and where such plans are required. 

According to the Act, there are exceptions to the rule, however it is left to local authority to determine whether or not you will need plans. 

Another obvious fact is that the temporary or minor building structure needs to match the desired purpose. 

Thus, you are not able to say that you are building a chicken coup but instead erect a brick building with windows which is suitable to live in. 


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