Estate Agent Qualification Criteria Course

What is RPL?

“Recognition of prior learning” (RPL) is a process of assessing an individual’s knowledge and skill gained in a work context, however this was acquired, for the purpose of conferring on them a formal qualification.

RPL allows people who were previously excluded from formal education, access to a qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The NQF has ten levels, ranging from adult basic education and training (level 1) to doctoral degrees (level 10).

The RPL process is used in the real estate sector to qualify existing full-status agents against the Further Education and Training Certificate in Real Estate (NQF4), and existing principals against the National Certificate in Real Estate (NQF5).

In this way, the same standard qualification can be achieved by existing agents and principals that would take new entrants 12 months to complete. RPL is a part-time process that takes 2 months (Level 4) or 3 months (Level 5).

RPL Qualification Criteria

The RPL requires that there be a Record of Prior Learning.

What this means is that in order to qualify to study this short course, one needs to already be in the real estate sector or currently pursuing their NQF 4 Real Estate RPL internship.

You do not have to have any other qualification, although certain degrees or diplomas may exempt you from RPL altogether! We will assist you in determining whether you are exempt or not.

An intern registered with the Board who has completed the twelve-month internship and completed the EAAB logbook of workplace learning may, subject to certain conditions, apply to be admitted to RPL instead of completing the full intern training course.

The application will be evaluated by Itakane RPL Assessment Centre according to the SAQA standards and a decision made.

If the intern qualifies, then he/she will be admitted to the RPL process. If not, he/she will be diverted to full intern training.

Once you successfully achieve your qualification by RPL, you will need to write a PDE (Professional Designate Exam).

Click here for more info on the PDE.