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Economic Insights

Consumer inflation resumes downward trend

Although debt servicing costs as percentage of household incomes has risen to 9% since the Reserve Bank’s decision to follow a restrictive monetary policy approach, higher employment and salary levels have boosted the AFHRI. 

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Rand recovery amongst the best

A large measure of divergence in the performance of global currencies against the US dollar was evident in March, clearly as a result of key US economic data sets sending out conflicting signals – a trend that has continued to baffle capital markets over the past two years.

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Budget 2024/25 - Forex Reserves To The Rescue!

This year’s national budget, tabled in Parliament on 21 February, will probably be best remembered for the wide-ranging differences of opinion on National Treasury’s decision to tap into the country’s foreign exchange reserves. 

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Reserve Bank keeps rates on hold

During October, the annualised rate of consumer inflation rose marginally to 5.9% (from 5.4% in September), but there should be no need for alarm over any further significant increases in the general price level. It should be noted that October was a difficult month for the rand/US dollar exchange rate, with the average hitting a level of marginally above R19. 

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IMF raises South Africa’s growth forecast for 2024

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has provided some cheer to South Africa by raising the country’s GDP growth projection for 2024 to 1.8%.  A feature of the IMF’s latest global economic outlook, published in October, is the superior economic growth rates that are expected for emerging markets, relative to the advanced economies.

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Interest rate hikes put on hold

The decision by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank not to raise interest rates again has provided a candidate for “good news item of the year”.

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Inflation continues to decline

Consumers and prospective home owners would have been delighted by this week’s announcement of lower consumer inflation. The May reading of the consumer price index (CPI) came in at 6.3%, which is almost 20% lower than the peak of 7.8% recorded in July last year. 

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