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Notarisation & Documentation Certification Costs

Apostille Certificate:

R4 000.00 + VAT per document for first document and R 3000.00 + VAT for each document thereafter (including notarisation and High Court attendance)

Authentication Certificate:

R5 000.00 + VAT per document for first document and R4 000.00 + VAT for each document thereafter (including notarisation, High Court, DIRCO and Embassy legalisation) *excludes Embassy fees.

Notarial Attestation of Documents:

R900.00 + VAT per attestation e.g Affidavit

Embassy/Consulate legalisation:

Excluded in the above pricing as Embassy prices vary

Document structuring for Notarisation purposes:

R200.00 + VAT per page (including printing)

Registering an Antenuptial Contract

Unless an Antenuptial Contract is registered with the Deeds Office it is invalid. The Antenuptial Contract must be signed before the marriage.

In addition the cost of registering an antenuptial contract with the Deeds Office is a set price of R353 at this stage. This means that no antenuptial contract is actually free.

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