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Delivery of Legalised Documents

The price factor is often considered when a person is looking for a means of having his or her legalised documents returned to them. 

And while it is possible for these documents to be delivered to you anywhere in the world, it is worth considering the various different options available to you.

You can collect your documents from our offices in person if you are conveniently situated nearby. 

Otherwise, if you request for the documents to be delivered to your home, workplace, another business, a future employer, a family member or friend, it's important to consider your circumstances before choosing a delivery method. 

Generally, we make use of an Overnight Express mail courier service or else DHL for international shipments. Otherwise, your documents can be couriered to you.

So as to avoid missing a daytime courier delivery if selected, most individuals choose their work address for return delivery. Otherwise the documents could be sent overseas to the authority who is requesting the apostille from them.

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Should you wish to find out more, we advise that you give us call to discuss the best delivery options and prices for you. 

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