Matrimonial Property Regime Changes

In terms of the South African Law, there are only two types of marital regimes:

When a couple does not enter into an antenuptial agreement prior to their marriage, they will automatically be married in community of property.

The Matrimonial Property Act allows any couple to apply to the High Court for the amendment of their matrimonial property regime. 

However, the following requirements need to be met before any changes can be made to the matrimonial regime:

  • The couple should have a valid reason for their proposed changes to their matrimonial regime.
  • A notice of their intention to change must be given to the Registrar of Deeds and should be published in the Government Gazette and two local newspapers, two weeks prior to the date on which the application will be heard.
  • The notarial contract that the parties propose to register must be drafted and annexed to their application.
  • The proposed changes should not be prejudice toward any other person.
  • The rights of creditors have to be preserved.
  • The application must contain information about the parties' assets and liabilities.

Once the court is satisfied that the requirements have been met, it will make an order stating that the existing matrimonial property regime no longer applies.

The court will then authorise the change in the couple's matrimonial property regime.

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Marriage in Community of Property - Types of Spousal Consent


Marriage in community of property is a type of matrimonial regime which joins the estates of the two spouses into one estate of equal shares.

Therefore, the couple who marries in community of property owns the joint estate together and the estate can only be divided should the couple choose to terminate the marriage.

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