Real Estate Internship Logbook

Completing a 12-month internship is a mandatory part of becoming a fully qualified estate agent. The internship has been designed to facilitate and monitor the practical training of an intern estate agent into the profession.

All entrants are required to complete the one-year programme, regardless of current academic or professional status or possible future status.

The programme serves to provide the intern with meaning practical experience in the field which will enhance their understanding and add value to their practice once qualified.

In order to monitor and as a means of evidence of the completed learning programme, each intern is required to keep a logbook in which they will record their daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

This logbook must also be maintained and signed off by the interns’ principal or mentor and forms an integral part of the entire programme.

Van Deventer & Van Deventer Incorporated

For more information about the logbook requirements as well as any additional information regarding what you need to become an estate agent in South Africa, contact us.